Digital Facilitering

Smarta digitala metoder och verktyg för bättre resultat!

I dagens arbetsliv så beror resultatet till stor del på hur väl vi kan samarbeta och skapa engagemang i våra team. Att använda digitala verktyg på ett smart sätt förbättrar produktivitet och resultat.

Genom digital facilitering av workshops, utbildning och event så kommer du kunna maxa resultatet samtidigt som deltagarna känner sig mer inkluderade och engagerade – vilket är guld värt för den långsiktiga framgången. Med smart struktur, automatisk dokumentation och AI-funktioner så kommer du dessutom spendera mindre tid på administration. Bättre resultat på kortare tid helt enkelt.

Lär dig Digital Facilitatering, där din förmåga förstärks med engagerande metoder, digitala verktyg, automatiseringar och AI.


Digital Facilitation | Part of the Digital Consulting Toolbox

Concept overview

1. Build a home for your process

Bring everyone and everything together.

Imagine a noiseless environment where people can collaborate, post their ideas, and interact with one another. A place where documentation happens during collaboration and not as a separate project afterwards. That place is called Skills Workspace.

2. Encourage everyone to contribute

Getting people involved is the key to successful change.

In the Workspace participants become active change agents who are never more than one click away from contributing to the common goal. Borrowing from popular social networking sites,the platform makes participating not only easy but also fun.

3. Make it yours

Every change, learning program, and workshop is different.

Skills Workspace adapts to your way of working. You can build the workspaces to match your tried and tested processes or create something completely new. Edit the look of your workspace, manage the participants' access level, move content around, and add new pages as you go along.

4. Facilitate and support

Change can’t really be managed — but it should be facilitated.

Encourage commitment and engagement by staying in touch with the participants throughout the process. Skill's behavior-based notifications free up your time so that you can concentrate on facilitating discussions and answering questions.

5. Drive unparalleled impact

Engagement drives impact.

It’s no coincidence that users have seen 5X improvements in their engagement rates with this kind of workspace. With co-creation at its core, the platform allows you to involve as many people as you want, from anywhere in the world, at any time. All this, resulting in bigger, more lasting impact.

Your Instructor

Johan Wallquist
Johan Wallquist

Helping clients invent, launch and scale new game-changing businesses.

Together with my clients and students, we explore the tools and tactics needed to grow ideas into great businesses. We use the power of digital solutions to create real results in a smart way.

My courses and services are based on curiosity, constant learning and experiences from 10+ years of digital consulting and projects for companies like Accenture, H&M, Volvo,, Scania, Ericsson but also creative startups. I really hope I can help more people, entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

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